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Why i’m here…

Creativity is innate. Many of us have simply suppressed our creativity because we are afraid of what might happen when we allow our ideas to be seen and heard.

Change is inevitable. Many of us have feigned ignorance because it is easier to let other people worry about how to fix what is broken than to commit to doing it ourselves.

The jig is up.

You are creative. You are capable of creating change.

No exceptions.

That pang of fear you just felt? It’s normal. It’s time to learn to dance with your fear because you have important work to do.

That’s why I am here: to help you express your point of view and take action so that you can lay your head on your pillow at night and say “I’m proud of what I did today. I showed up in service of the the change I believe is possible.”

You will hit obstacles along the way. Sometimes the mountain will seem too high to climb. You will want to give up and say “It’s just too hard.” In those moments, I will knock some sense into you and remind you that you have a responsibility to your vision. You must run towards your fear because the thing you came here for is waiting for you right on the other side of it. I will not let you off the hook. Tough love, my friend. You deserve it.

If you are a thought leader, I can help you to identify exactly what you have to say, to express it with clarity, and to deliver your message from any public platform with integrity and heart.

If you are a theatre maker, I can help you to refine your technique, to finesse your interpretive skills, and to go after your career with business smarts and humanity.

If you are an entrepreneur, I can help you to build the character of your enterprise, to focus in on the human problem you are trying to solve, and to communicate your solutions to those you are seeking to help.

If you are a leader in the business world, I can help you to create a company culture you can be proud of, to work more effectively with your team, and to express your Why to your clients and customers so that you can truly show up in service of them.

The time is now. Let’s go.