"Unique, inspiring, and invaluable in my life"

Becoming a part of the Jen Waldman Studio has helped me grow not only as an artist, but as a person. Through working with Jen, I have become clearer on what I want, what I believe in, and why I do what I do. The sense of community she has created within this group of artists is unique, inspiring, and invaluable in my life. She has attracted a group of change makers unlike any I’ve ever seen. The infinite ways in which Jen gives generously to the world is one of the most inspiring things about her. From her blog to her podcast to the free events she organizes at the studio- I truly don’t know how she finds the time. By simply being around her, you can’t help but be encouraged to become a better person. JWS is a place for people who want to create and grow so that they may change the world.
— Lili Torre
Tony Howell