"Transforming my art, my career, and my inner power"

Jen Waldman has transformed my skills by providing me the courage to take creative risks in a positive and safe environment. She has refocused my fears into opportunities. Every day I would walk out of that studio, I was excited to flex my newfound confidence and conquer an audition, a meeting, or a callback. I was no longer living in apology for being different or unassuming, instead I learned how to hone in on my uniqueness and essence and use it as a driving force behind all that I represent. I am no longer feeling lost in the industry, instead I am taking ownership and reclaiming my part in this community-to BE myself. Thanks to Jen and the community she has created, I feel I am surrounded by fellow creators that stand up for one another and cheer each other on constantly. There is no hierarchy of “actors” or “creators,” instead we all live to support one another. The Waldman community is constantly striving to break barriers in regards to race, class, sex, gender, and a myriad of societal issues by creating art that is particular to each of our personal stories. I’ve learned that we all have something beautiful to share and we all bring something entirely ours to the table. Thank you, Jen, for completely transforming my art, my career, and my inner power!
— Shereen Ahmed
Tony Howell