"Total shape-shifter in my career"

Oh man, how do I sum this up in just a few sentences? Most of my class experiences have been with Jen herself.

Jen: Jen was a total shape-shifter in my career. Through class and the reboot, she helped me shake off years and years of musical theatre university-induced insecurities/neuroses and helped me take ownership of my career. It’s only fitting that I booked my Broadway Debut while in class with Jen. I will never forget the class where I exposed one of my largest performing insecurities, and Jen quietly took a few sheets of paper, tore them into smaller squares, and had the entire class write down ONE thing they loved about the very ‘insecurity’ I had spoken about. One by one, my classmates read their comments. I still have those little pieces of paper taped to a mirror in front of my piano, and on days I feel that doubt creep in (even when I’m the titular role in my current show), I think back to those affirmations.

The community: It is a given that any time there is an event at JWS, the people involved will be quality, like-minded people who will constructively challenge, nurture, and encourage not only your artistry, but who you are as a whole person. Like-minded in the vein that they don’t necessarily go with the status quo, and will make you THINK and really DIG DEEP within yourself and what you stand for. and WHY. I have formed some vital relationships in this industry that I can’t even place a value on, due to my time investing at JWS.

The studio: a gracious space that this artistic community in NYC has NEEDED. Jen is so apt to welcome in and provide a space for people in our industry to try new things, host creative events, and connect this community for a greater good. I honestly don’t know of another place like it in the musical theatre community in NYC.

I think what always blows me away about a four-week cycle of class, is the level of work that people come in with during week one, and the level that they walk out with by week four. It is such an astounding contrast, and it is wholly due to the environment, the creativity-provoking, and ‘safe space’ that Jen and her team have created at the studio.
— Jacob Gutierrez
Tony Howell