"Spark for me... calls me on my bullshit"

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The Jen Waldman Studio is like a continuous spark for me. I have been in NYC as an actor for 20 years: 5 Broadway credits, 5 National Tours, a bunch of regional, some television, some VO... and yet, there are times that I have to step away from the business and politics of it all. Refuel the jets, and find a creative spark to thrust me back in at my best. And I always look to Jen and the Studio to do that. She keeps it’s real, she keeps it positive, and she calls me on my bullshit and pony tricks. And because the studio is a safe space, you open up. You are vulnerable. You are showing up in all your glory... good and bad. And you are contributing you... and I believe that’s the whole point.
— Todd A Horman
Tony Howell