"Renewed my sense of purpose as a NYC actor"

Being a part of the JWS community has renewed my sense of purpose as a NYC actor. As an actor in NYC, it is easy to feel alone—you are the only one on your path, on your daily journey, on your timeline, etc. When I began taking class with Jen, I realized that the are strength in numbers, and that together, we can accomplish more than on our own. While I’m the only one on my career path, I am not alone in this city. JWS gave me a place to be a part of something bigger and by helping support others, I have helped myself regain grounded performances, dedication to the craft, commitment to the pursuit, and truly has helped me find a voice to use to fight to make this industry more inclusive, more functional, and more joyous. Before I began working with Jen, I knew what I did, I sort of understood how I did it, but I had no idea WHY I did anything. Jen teaches in a way that allows (and encourages!!) you to form your own opinions and your own ideas, and she also guides you toward more truthful, more supported, and freer work. Jen has given me countless tools to unlock sides, scenes, songs, and monologues. Participating in book club is one of my favorite JWS activities. Before studying with Jen, I’d never even considered picking up a book about business, entrepreneurial practices, or social psychology. Now, I can’t get enough. She’s helped me shift my lens to see this industry and my artistry in new lights and from new angles. Jen is an encouraging, positive, fun, and open teacher who also isn’t afraid to give me the truth, even when it’s hard to hear. I love her balance of being able to support and to push me toward fully showing up for myself in audition rooms. I aspire to be half of the human Jen Waldman is. I have found so many new friends in the JWS community who now are holding me accountable to my goals. I’ve found scene partners, accountability buddies, email editors, resume builders, and beautiful humans with which to collaborate on artistic endeavors and just hang out with.
— Jenna Pastuszek
Tony Howell