"One of the best in our field"

Jen Waldman, and her studio reminds artists that they have power. Her knowledge of the musical theatre cannon, both traditional and contemporary is only matched by passion, intelligence, and artistry. Her artistic vision, passion, wit, and spirit make any artist come to life. Finding the words has proven to be a challenge, but she is without question one of the best in our field. Her commitment to excellence is only matched by her ability to take risks. As a college educator, it is my goal to have students intersect with Jen Waldman as many times as possible throughout their studies. Jen challenges me to be a better leader, educator, artistic, and human. I would not be the artist or educator today without the teachings of Jen. When I feel creatively tapped, Jen has the power to ignite the creative flame like no other. Thank you would never be enough, therefore I carry her teachings and pursuit of excellence into any classroom I walk into. Thank you Jen. Just thank you.
— Roy Lightner
Tony Howell