"My home base, my charging station, and my greatest playground"

When I feel lost, uninspired, not sure of which step to take next, I turn to JWS to clear the path. When I feel at the top of my game, inspiration tank full, I turn to JWS to point me in the direction of the next challenge I should tackle. Working with Jen grounds me. Her advice challenges my long standing beliefs about this industry and empowers us artists to voice the change we wish to see. I believe in possibilities because of this studio. When I reflect on my time in NYC post graduation I truly think of it as pre and post studio. It’s my home base, my charging station, and my greatest playground. Jen’s tangible knowledge about what is currently happening in this industry combined with her commitment to constantly taking in new information makes her a teacher I trust whole heartedly. She also hosts a free monthly book club for the studio centered around personal development books where we get to dissect business principles and apply them to our art. These conversations have been some of the most game changing experiences over my past two years here.
— Ariella Serur
Tony Howell