"Movement which has inspired a whole generation of artists"

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Jen Waldman is the kind of teacher who makes you wonder what the hell all the other teachers you had before her were doing. In well over a decade of taking classes, workshops, seminars, you name it, I can count on one hand the instructors with whom I wholeheartedly implore fellow artists to share their energy and time, and Jen is among the top.

When I left college, Jen freed me from the disorientation of perfectionism. When I got my first Broadway show, she was one of the few personal phone calls I made to share the good news. As I’ve expanded my pursuits into television and other professional fields, I find myself approaching my work with the same principles with which she fuels her studio: utilizing my creativity; craving risk (which once you get a taste of, you can’t go back); and moving past my doubts, feeling the fear, and... those who know her know the rest by heart.

What started as an exploration for a few dozen students in a shabby studio off the West Side Highway has blossomed into a movement which has inspired a whole generation of artists. Have you tried it, yet? Need I say more? Go now.
— Colin Israel
Tony Howell