"Literally a superhero to me"

JWS has provided a home for me in NYC. Since taking class with Jen, the entire trajectory of my career has changed, the way I spend moments of my day have changed, my thoughts have changed, my mind has shifted. I am a new version of myself because of JWS. A version that gets 1% better everyday, that shows up as a leader, an ally for others, and an advocate for myself. My goals are actionable, my habits have drastically improved, I am more creative than ever and it feels INCREDIBLE. Literally weeks after finishing my first class, I booked two jobs that I fully attribute to Jen’s SHIFT class. Talent aside, the tools I learned in SHIFT allowed me to open my heart, go after what I actually want, not what I think I should be doing, and take ownership of my career. Jen is literally a superhero to me. I adore her, I look up to her, I am beyond grateful for her. I cannot wait to continue my education at her studio, and watch it grow into an even more outrageous success than it already is.
— Carly Valancy
Tony Howell