"A home in the theatre community... top notch teachers"

I consider Jen my mentor. She has guided me over the last 2 years and helped me find out what kind of artist I am, what kind of work I want to be doing, and who I want to be doing with. The community that she has created here has made me feel like I have a home in the theatre community that I didn’t have before. The people are supportive and everyone is helping each other out whenever they can. It feels good to go into other spaces and have a moment where you connect with someone because they are apart of JWS and you just feel safe with them. Jen is focusing on the bigger life questions, so while you are growing as an artist, you are really growing as a person. She brings in top notch teachers that help you do your best work! And basically she’s just a super awesome person who will tell you how it is, but also cheer you on every step of the way. She’ll never know how much she has had an impact on my entire life!
— Rasmiyyah Feliciano
Tony Howell