"Challenges me to hold true to my values"

In the JWS community, I’ve found a supportive, edifying group of individuals who are collectively committed to uphold one another in becoming our best artistic selves. In a place like NYC, this community has been CRUCIAL in my ability to maintain sanity and artistic integrity in the brief two years I’ve lived here. I took two studio workshop classes with Jen, in April and May of 2018. In those classes, both Jen and the other participants challenged me to dive deeply into the work of being an interpretive artist by questioning my intentions and embodying my own unique values in my work. Even though it was almost a year ago that I took those classes, I still draw on the processes I acquired in them when I approach my own private practice and public performance. Beyond the studio classes, I have stayed connected to the JWS community through the MYRIAD of free events Jen offers, particularly the monthly book discussion group. I cannot stress the important role this book group has played in my life for the past year. In a city like New York, in our current time, it is far too easy to become complacent and fall into the ineffective habits of chronic numbing and distracting at the expense of pursuing creative and personal growth. Having the JWS book discussion to look forward to each month, knowing that I will have the opportunity to bounce ideas off the other incredible individuals who regularly attend the discussion group, has not only helped me power through a number of incredible books, but it also challenges me to hold true to my values in other areas of my life—in a way, it becomes a scaffold on which I can hang my other creative practices. The book discussion group and other classes have also introduced me to a core network of other artists striving for integrity in a city that rewards hustling and sacrificing personal values for the sake of recognition.
— Nathaniel Sullivan
Tony Howell