"Sacred and safe space for me to work"

JWS continues to teach me what it looks like to live into my values, to stand up for who and what I care about, and to make braver, more honest artistic decisions.

As an actor, I feel liberated at JWS. I know the studio walls provide a sacred and safe space for me to work. Jen and the JWS instructors have this powerful way of giving feedback that facilitates growth, change, and empowerment for the artist.

The studio has connected me to artists who are going to serve as major catalysts for change in our industry. Not only do we get to learn and grow as artists in technique-building classes, we also get to learn and grow as leaders, allies, and advocates by being immersed in the JWS community. Book groups and community discussions give artists the empathy-building tools and leadership skills necessary to facilitate growth and change in our personal and professional lives. This studio has given me a renewed sense of agency as an artist, and I am thankful for this community daily. My heart could truly bust out of my chest... when I talk about this place, I am beaming, I am filled with hope, and I am overflowing with gratitude.
— Alie B. Gorrie
Tony Howell