"People have breakthroughs and discover their artistic merit"

Without a doubt, Jen Waldman and JWS changed my career. It allowed me to conquer some major audition anxiety and let me take ownership of my place in this business. Jen has created a studio where you can be bold while also vulnerable; That’s really when the magic happens. Time and time again, I’ve seen people have breakthroughs and discover their artistic merit. Prior to JWS, I had enrolled in classes where the teachers had an ‘impress me’ approach. JWS isn’t like that. It challenges you as well as lets you feel worthy of the work. No matter your background or identity, you’re welcomed in the fam. I’ve never felt more supported in this business than I do at JWS, and it’s why I’ll continue to be a part of this sacred community throughout my career.
— Jordan Grubb
Tony Howell