"Opened my eyes to who I actually am... what it is that I contribute"

I was in a very low place when I started taking class at JWS. I had lost the WHY. I hadn’t really discovered WHY I did this. Never truly had to come to terms with what it actually meant to be an artist in NYC and the USA. For the first time, I was able to strip away the pretense and the need for praise and adoration. I had to really examine whether simply doing the work was even achievable. Turns out each of us have control over what we do and do not accept. We have a say in the type of work we want to be a part of. The last year has opened my eyes to who I actually am as a human being and what it is that I contribute to the world. I wish I could give technical terms like ‘Jen helped me belt higher’ but I’m happy to know that my worth doesn’t lie in something that superficial. I’m also happy to know that something so superficial isn’t going to keep me from having a life in the theater. Thanks, Jen!
— Brandon Curry
Tony Howell