"Made me think about material in a different way"

JWS means you join a community. It’s more than just the people you see taking class with. You get to connect with people for every step of your life, whether it’s theatre related or not. I feel I have people I can ask when I don’t know where to start, or I need to bounce ideas off of. Class-wise, its truly a class. There are very few places where you don’t have to worry about a ‘finished product.’ You can actually learn tools and tricks to make your work shine, not just someone’s preferred opinion. I love Callback workshop, a chance to get my head around material that is usually thrown in front of me. Now I have tools and a way to work with material rather than jump in blindly. I loved my 3D class, it gave me a completely different set of tools to use, not only on myself but also as a teacher to my voice students. It made me think about material in a different way, scary and all, and ending with a great asset to my work. I also love the colors in the studio.
— Cassie Okenka
Tony Howell