"Generosity of spirit that is immediately palpable"

JWS has been an artistic sanctuary when I’ve sought to challenge, define, reexamine, and inspire my journey as a creator and storyteller. I am both in awe of and immensely grateful for the evolution of conversations, opportunities and experiences I have had at JWS. This community is constantly asking questions, following curiosities, and leading by example. The result is a generative and collaborative treasure trove of artists.
I think what I have come to value the most and what feels the most meaningful to me when entering a JWS gathering of any kind is the generosity of spirit that is immediately palpable. This value is woven into the fabric of life at the studio. It’s presence is undeniable. We look into the eyes of the people in the room with us, we tell one another why we are there, why we have decided to show up. We allow ourselves to be seen by others after we offer our work, and we see others after they have offered theirs.
— Katie Drinkard
Tony Howell