"Game changer... proud to be a part of the JWS community"

When I first moved to NYC upon graduation, I surprisingly was itching to take class again. I felt that I stopped growing and I wasn’t happy with my auditions. It was magical that I stumbled upon Jen Waldman’s website (honestly cannot remember how - just fate I guess)... so I decided to take the Audition Workshop. After the first 10 minutes, I fell in love. It just felt so right to be there. JWS is a game changer. Jen knows what she is talking about. Most importantly, she nurtures your gifts and unleashes this abundance of creativity you never knew you had. All done in a safe space. Now, I walk into auditions and apply Jen’s tips to make it the best audition possible. I no longer fear them. I take charge and am in full control. I feel empowered in the audition room. I am free in the audition room. One thing I immensely appreciate about Jen is that she is probably the most passionate and vocal mentor I have ever had. Being a POC is hard, especially in this industry. One event I loved going to at JWS was one about how to deal with micro-aggressions from actors who weren’t in our shoes. It’s these things that make JWS stand out amongst the rest for me. Jen goes above and beyond to initiate important conversations, to create events that she believes are necessary for positive change. Jen has also created a community of artists who unendingly support each other. I know I don’t only speak for myself, because everyone I know who is a part of the JWS community feels the same way. I am proud to be a part of the JWS community.
— Viveca Chow
Tony Howell