"Best actor and person that you can be"

JWS is a safe haven to fully explore my creativity. It’s a place to try everything and not think about whether or not it will be good. It’s about taking risks. This business can feel very unstable and hard and closed off. This is a place of vulnerability, of kindness, of openness, of strength, of diversity. Jen leads with integrity, joy, love, and strength. She is the epitome of “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Jen uses a holistic approach of the latest scientific psychology research and Laban/Viewpoints training to aid the creative process. I feel empowered and motivated when I leave the studio. She focuses on more than just interpreting a scene or sides. She focuses on the audition process, how to handle the business as a whole (how to work with agents and casting directors), how to handle your life as a whole to ensure that you are the best actor and person that you can be.
— Remy Zaken
Tony Howell