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The Work of Steve Pacek


I am Steve Pacek, a Renaissance man of the 21st century creative revolution and a trusty follower of my heart, for I know that it will always lead me home...

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, I continues to spend much of my time there as an advocate for the city’s creative spirit. Together with some friends, I co-founded a Small Professional Theatre company, 11th Hour Theatre Company (“all musicals, all the time”), now in its 14th season. We were tired of waiting for other people to present us with opportunities to create theatre, so we started creating our own. And now we can give others some of the opportunity they too, may be craving! I am the co-chair of the board of directors for Theatre Philadelphia, the brand ambassador for theatre in Philadelphia that runs the Barrymore Awards program, promotes theatre in the region and strives to celebrate the diversity of art and artists in the Philadelphia theatre community!

As an actor, I have definitely found home at the Arden Theatre Company, Theatre Horizon and 11th Hour in Philadelphia, as well as in numerous theatres across the country including Milwaukee Rep, Virginia Stage Company, Alley Theatre, TheatreSquared, Delaware Theatre Company, White Heron Theatre Company, Arkansas Rep, Cardinal Stage Company, et al. I’m also officially a member of the unofficial “Shanny Rep,” Mark Shanahan’s traveling troupe of misfit players : )

I am a director/choreographer of plays, musicals, concerts, cabarets and special events that have the goal of existing outside of the comfort zone and creating an “experience” for everyone involved.

I am a creator of works for the stage that aim to surprise, make you feel, and offer you a kaleidoscope with which to view the world from a perspective that’s different than your own.

I am a visual artist who has learned to embrace the challenge of a blank canvas in order to find the beauty within composition, form, color and light.

I am a teacher who embraces the potential of each and every student and is genuinely in their corner! I try to inspire students to never settle, explore more outside of their comfort zone and live their on-stage lives on the edge! But in order for that to happen, we have to be okay failing. Over. And over. And over again. I try to create a space that makes that better than “okay”...I try to make it a valued part of the learning experience.

Find more at StevePacek.com and @stevepacek