The JWS reboot runs may 27 through september 2

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
— Albert Einstein

Hey there, creative Genius. It’s jen.

if you are ready for a change, read on.

This summer, I am getting down and dirty with your career, your auditions, and your strategy so that you can free yourself from the insanity and reclaim your career with confidence, courage, and integrity.

The Reboot program runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day (yes, all summer!) and consists of: one-on-one in-person meetings and coachings, one-on-one remote meetings, webinars (always live and never pre-recorded), community calls, daily accountability, and constant support. If you are outside of New York and want to participate, it is absolutely possible. I have successfully completed this program with clients who were entirely remote.

(A special thank you to last year’s Rebooters who provided such great feedback and ideas to make 2019 an even stronger program. If you have already completed the program and are interested in coming back for more, scroll down to see a special offer for returning Rebooters.)

There is a A LOT of information below. Take your time reading through it. Feel free to reach out to me with questions. If you decide to join me this summer, you will be making a huge commitment of time, energy, and money. So make sure you are truly ready for a change. I will be coaching you every step of the way, but YOU will be the one doing the hard work of taking risks, stepping into your courage, and changing your life. The program is simple, but it is not easy. If you want to talk to an artist who has previously participated before you make a decision, I’m happy to put you in touch with someone.

Take a deep breath. If you are still here on this page, something inside you knows that you are ready for a change. Listen to your heart. Take it all in. Really think it through. And then leap.

I’ll catch you.







  • Initial 55-minute meeting with me to discuss the current state of your career, your goals, what you have been doing of late to achieve those goals, and preliminary ideas for what our summer together will look like.

  • Three live webinars (with me) on advancing your career with integrity and business smarts

  • Audition 101 webinar with me

  • Two community calls with Peter Shepherd (my personal coach and dear friend).

  • Two community calls with Steve Pacek.

  • Two community calls with Billy Bustamante.

  • Two 30-minute one-on-one career strategy meetings with me to brainstorm and innovate your approach to your career based on where you currently are and where you want to go. These meetings are remote.

  • Two 55-minute coaching sessions with me to investigate your creative process and create a reliable plan for bringing your best work into the room. These meetings are in person.  (If singing, accompanist provided.)

  • 30-minute meeting with me to wrap up our work and create a plan for keeping your momentum moving forward. This meeting is remote.

  • End of program Community Call with me to answer questions, share insights, and bring the Reboot community together.

  • 24/7 Access to our private Reboot Slack channel for community support, individual accountability, feedback on your homework, and constant ongoing communications with me between our meetings.




  • Everything included in The Basic Reboot PLUS...

  • Audition Rep Reality Check - Stage 1 (Show and Tell)- one 55-minute meeting for you to show me ALL of the audition material (songs and/or monologues) you are currently using. (If singing, accompanist provided).

  • Audition Rep Reality Check - Stage 2 (The Purge) - one 55-minute meeting to share all of my ideas about how your current repertoire is or isn’t working for you. We will PURGE your rep and determine what specific material, if any, needs to be added. This meeting is remote. (Side note: I ONLY recommend you add to your audition rep if you really need it. My belief is that less is more when it comes to audition rep. The fewer pieces you have to keep polished and ready to go, the better.)

  • One additional 30-minute career strategy meeting with me. After a rep purge, it is completely normal to feel a bit uneasy. This meeting is all about realigning your short term strategy to meet your long term goals.

  • One 55-minute coaching session with Billy Bustamante to explore your audition material. (If singing, accompanist provided.)

  • One 55-minute coaching session with Kyle Branzel to explore your audition material. (If singing, accompanist provided.)




  • Everything included in The Premium Reboot PLUS...

  • Audition Rep Rebuild - a curated list of songs and/or monologues (selected by me) to fill any of the gaps we identified during your Audition Rep Reality Check. We will go back and forth on this as many times as we need to until we come up with a list of pieces that fit you like a glove, that you love, and that serve a very specific function in your audition book.

  • One 55-minute coaching session with Kyle Branzel to sing through your new audition material and start identifying possible audition arrangements.

  • One 55-minute coaching with Billy Bustamante to get on your feet with your new audition material. (If singing, accompanist provided).

  • One 55-minute coaching with me to prepare your new material for the audition room. (If singing, accompanist provided.)


At each of our meetings, I assign you homework that is specific to your needs and goals. In between our meetings, we communicate constantly on our Slack channel. You send me your work, and I give you my feedback. Back and forth. Back and forth. All summer long. Think of me as a creative/career coach on speed dial.

How to register:

These spots are extremely limited. Admissions are rolling and registration closes on June 5 or when all of the spots are filled, whichever is sooner. (In 2018, all of the spots in the program were filled before Memorial Day.)

Two things need to fall into place for us to move forward in this together.

  1. Based on the info you share on the application form, I have to assess that I am able to actually provide the help you need. So, when you fill you the form, be as detailed and specific as you can. Long winded is great. This program is expensive. If this program is not a good fit, I’ll tell you. I will not let anyone light their money on fire.

  2. Our schedules need to line up. Initial meetings take place May 27 thru June 10. If you are participating in the Premium or Deluxe Reboot programs, the Audition Rep Reality Check - Stage 1 sessions must be completed by June 18. Strategy meetings are remote and I can be very flexible in terms of when those take place. The majority of in-person coaching slots in July and August are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If these days generally do not fit in with your schedule, this program may not be the right fit right now.

Webinars are scheduled for the second Monday of each month:

  • Monday, June 10 at 10:30am

  • Monday, July 8 at 10:30am

  • Monday, August 12 at 10:30am

Audition 101 is scheduled for Monday, June 25 at 10am

The schedule for Community Calls is TBD.

(If you are unable to attend any of the webinars or community calls, they will be recorded and uploaded to a password protected Vimeo link so you can watch them after the fact).


Options for returning Rebooters ONLYs

Hello, Rebooter. So, you are back for more? Because you have already been through the program, I am thrilled to offer you discounted access to refresh your reboot.


  • This includes access to the eleven live webinars with me and community calls with Peter, Steve, and Billy. This does not include access to the Slack channel or ongoing coaching.

REBOOT REMIX - 4 payments of $315

  • Access to the eleven live webinars with me and community calls with Peter, Steve, and Billy.

  • Three hours of coaching with me and/or Kyle and/or Billy, to be used at your discretion for strategy sessions, audition prep, etc. Available in 30 and/or 60 minute slots. Material coaching is in-person. Strategy sessions are remote. (If singing, accompanist provided.)

  • Full access to the private Reboot Slack channel for community support, individual accountability, feedback on your homework, and constant ongoing communications with me between our meetings.

  • (If you are looking for me to recommend new repertoire, please indicate that in your application and I will reach out to discuss a tailor-made program for you and a fee specific to that program.)