When Will I Get What I Want?

OK, Jen. I’ve started applying your ideas. I’m reaching out to creatives. I’m sending spruiks. I’m clearing out my book. I’m keeping an audition log. I’m donating my bio. I’m setting smart goals. I’m living in my discomfort zone. WHEN WILL I GET WHAT I WANT?

That kind of question is easy to ask. But it is so hard to answer. Maybe even impossible to answer.

Perhaps you can ask a different question. A question that is so much harder to ask because it requires emotional labor. A question that is so much easier to answer because it is a simple yes or no:

Am I proud of how I’m showing up in my life and work?

I don’t write these blog posts so that you can game the system, get what you want, and then go back to your old ways. I write these blog posts to help you see that you can show up every single day for the rest of your time on this earth, living in integrity with yourself, doing work that matters with other people you trust and respect, and leaving your art and your industry better than you found it.

Living with intention is not a talent, it is a skill. One that you must work at every day.

Eventually the habits you create do add up to big changes. Sometimes you see those changes overnight, sometimes the cumulative effect can take years.

In either case, it is worth it.

What could be better than living a life you are proud of?