The Universe?

What if we’re giving “the universe” too much credit?

What if we are actually hiding from ourselves by giving up responsibility for the consequences of our thoughts and our choices?

Try an experiment for the next week. Every time you hear yourself say “the universe”, replace it with something like:

My best self


The best version of me

My instinct

My highest self

My truth

It is easier to blame the universe when things go well, or when things fall apart. But what if we claimed more agency over our future and our choices by giving ourselves some credit for what is happening in our lives?

Here’s an example. Several weeks ago, a client of mine started second guessing their decision to pursue an acting career. “What is the universe trying to tell me?” they asked. When we flipped that script to, “What is my best self trying to tell me?”, the conversation was able to become deep and specific. They were able to answer questions about what they really wanted for their future because they owned that this feeling was not coming from an outside source, it was coming from within.

Let’s look at a conversation I have almost every day with clients:

“I want to play [insert name of your goal role]. I am putting it out into the universe.”


“I want to sign with [insert name of ideal agent]. I am putting it out into the universe.”

The implication here is that you wanting it is enough and that “the universe” will take care of the rest. What if you looked at this differently? What if you flipped the script?

“I want to play [role]. I am asking the best version of me to show up and do the work, to share my work with the people who need to see it and to unattach from the outcome. My best self is taking over this project.”

I understand there is a lot of comfort in the belief that something outside of yourself is taking care of you and making sure you have what you need and want. And to be clear, I am not suggesting that we all abandon “the universe”. I am simply asking you to consider that the best version of you also has a hand in creating the life you want. So maybe it is time to share the responsibility. You AND the universe. What a great team.