Should I take this job?


Clients often come to me with this question. When a job opportunity is presented, I encourage artists to think about 4 scales that will help to determine whether to say yes or no. Our personal needs are in a constant state of flux. One month you might be financially flush and another you might be living paycheck to paycheck. One month you might be feeling completely fulfilled as an artist and another you may be starved for inspiration. So these 4 scales need not be weighed equally. They simply need to be weighed with your current set of given circumstances in mind.

1) Personal growth/creative fulfillment – Will this opportunity offer you a chance to grow as a human? As an artist? Will you develop your skill set? Hone your craft? Expand your knowledge? Is this the kind of art that fills you up? Are you inspired by the project?

2) Professional development – With whom will you be working? And at what level? Can these people add value to your life and work? Can you add value to theirs? Will you expand your network of like-minded artists by working on this project? Will this project provide you a stepping stone to the next level of work you wish to do?

3) Practical, real life needs – How does this job meet your financial needs? Will this provide you a chance to grow your savings? Upgrade your living situation? Will it provide you health insurance? 401K? Can you pay your bills on this salary? Will you need to find an additional source of income?

4) Social responsibility – Is this a story you believe needs to be told? What message is the audience taking home with them after each performance? Can you put your head on the pillow at night knowing that you have contributed something positive to this world?

Do you have a system for weighing opportunity? Maybe it is time to create one.