S E L F - S A B O T A G E

It comes in so many forms:

Showing up late.

Cramming in the hallway.

Changing your song as you walk into the room.

Forgetting to put it in your calendar.

Staying up past your bedtime.

Missing that page of music.

Being out of printer ink.

Running out of headshots.

Not having enough time to read the script.


Having old videos on your website.

Those ones are obvious, right?

How about:

Telling yourself that they aren’t really looking so why bother showing up anyway?

Looking for anything in the breakdown that might disqualify you and then deciding that thing is a prerequisite.

Asking your naysayer friend if you should self-submit, and then believing their answer.

Writing an evasive email to your agent without a specific ask and then blaming them for not getting you into the room.

Paying $1000 for video footage that is subpar and then posting it anyway because you spent $1000.

The list goes on and on.

You can choose to give up self-sabotage. It won’t be easy. In fact, it will be very hard. But you can do it. Make the choice.

You can choose a different mindset. You can find your grit and persevere. You can conquer the voice in your head that tells you to quit. You can show up in integrity with yourself and demand excellence from your work.

Self-sabotage is fear driving all of your decisions and behaviors.

When we let self-awareness and courage take the wheel instead, we make progress, we make meaningful connections, we make work that matters.

Enough of the self-sabotage. It is time for you to show up as the professional you know yourself to be.