Seek the "yes".

This week on Cal Fussman’s incredible podcast Big Questions, he interviews Heather Monahan. It is an episode full of gems, but this one, especially, must be shared with actors.

“If you are not dealing with the ultimate decision maker… you cannot accept a ‘no’ from someone who cannot tell you ‘yes.’”

In other words, there are people whose job it is to say “no.” That is literally what they are paid to do… and they are very good at it.

If you are like most other actors in this business, you will spend the overwhelming majority of your time putting your work in front of people who are paid to tell you “no.” That is the easy part.

But you are not like most other actors. And you know it.

If you are seeking a “yes”, you need to get your work in front of the person who has the power to offer a “yes”. That is the hard part.

It is not hard because it is impossible. In fact, it is quite possible. It is hard because it requires courage, audacity, and a great deal of emotional labor to aim higher. And you are ready to do the hard part.

You are ready to give up the easy “no”.

You can do this.

You can seek the “yes”.