Saying "Yes" to Something Means Saying "No" to Something Else

When you say “yes” to something, that means you are inherently saying “no” to something else.

For example, in this moment, I am saying “yes” to writing this blog post. Which means I am saying “no” to everything else that is not writing this blog post. I am saying “no” to checking items off of my to do list, going for a run, reading a book, spending time with my friends, calling my family. Because I have CHOSEN to do this right now, I have also CHOSEN to not do something else.

Whether or not you like this idea, it is simply a fact of what it means to do something. When you are doing something, it means you are not doing something else.

The choice I’m making right now to write this post feels good because it is in alignment with my goals, my values, and the things that I stand for.

There are other times when the choice that I’m making is completely out of integrity with what I believe in, and that is when it becomes vital that I remember that saying “yes” to something means saying “no” to something else. If I say “yes” to 30 minutes scrolling social media, I am saying “no” to spending those same 30 minutes with my daughter. If I say “yes” to staying up until 1am watching Netflix, I am saying “no” to getting enough sleep to function at my best the next day.

Saying “yes” and saying “no” are CHOICES that we all get to make. Let’s make them wisely.

I’ll say “yes” to that.