Questions To Help You Make Progress (and Celebrating One Year of Blogging)

This week my blog celebrates its one year anniversary. Wow, that went fast.

52 weekly posts (plus one bonus post to celebrate Shereen’s milestone).

This week I will spend some time reflecting on how I did, what I learned, and what I’m going to do about it.

Seems like this is the perfect time to share with you the questions I’ll ask myself so that you can do the same at your next milestone.

What went well?

Be specific.

What went less well?

Be even more specific.

What am I going to do about the thing(s) that went well?

Here I typically give myself two options: 1) Maintain the status quo. 2) Level up. And then I expand on what that looks like.

What am I going to do about the thing(s) that went less well?

Here I have three options. 1) Accept it. 2) Eliminate it. 3) Improve it. Again, I dig deep into what that looks like.

The questions are simple. And if you can answer them honestly, you will fast-track your growth and development.

Thank you, dear readers. Here’s to the next year of blogging!

If you know someone who might benefit from the ideas I share here, I’d love for you to share the blog with them. Together we can create change within our industry and bring more humanity into our work.

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