Make Your To Do List Actionable


Here is a quick and simple tip:

If an item on your To Do List starts with a verb, it's actionable.

If it starts with anything else, it’s not.

Let’s take a look at a To Do List that needs a little love:

  • Agent/talent report meeting

  • A Dolls House, Part 2

  • The Intent to Live

  • Grandma’s birthday

The basic subject in each item is clear. But what is the person actually supposed TO DO?

Now let’s turn it into an ACTIONABLE To Do List:

  • Schedule meeting with Agent to discuss talent report and determine next steps

  • Compile and send materials for A Dolls House, Part 2 to Nicole

  • Purchase The Intent to Live from Drama Book Shop

  • Call Grandma to wish her a happy birthday

What a difference a verb makes!

Now this person knows exactly what needs to happen in order to mark the task as "complete".

This minor change can make a major difference in your productivity and progress.

Can you make your own To Do List more actionable?