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A famous acting teacher once told his students that he when he goes to the theatre and sees a manufactured performance, he has to fight the urge to leap to his feet, point at the stage, and shout “LIAR!”

I can relate… but in a different circumstance. A client comes to me with concerns about the static nature of their career. So, I say “Tell me about what you want to be doing.”

“I just want to work.”

And this is the moment when I want to shout “LIAR!”

That is fear talking. That is scarcity talking. That is doubt talking. When we let fear lead the conversation, we lie to ourselves about what we truly want. When we let fear lead the conversation, the voice of our Imposter takes center stage.

“What if I fail?”

“Am I dreaming too big?”

“Who am I to believe I deserve this?”

So instead of facing our fear head on and declaring our intentions and desires with specificity, we surrender to generalities like “I just want to work.”

Here’s the problem… General thinking makes it challenging to create an action plan, to know where to spend your energy, to get clear about the first step to take. On the other hand, when you are brave enough to be specific, you can identify action steps, craft strategies, and measure your progress.

What if you faced your fear, demanded specificity from yourself, and called out what you ACTUALLY want?