Goal Roles

If you have a goal, the time to start working toward it is NOW. Right now.

I am always perplexed when an actor tells me that they have a goal role, and then I ask if they have been working on the material and the answer is “no.”


If you know you want something, work for it.

If you want to play Elphaba, for example, get the sides packet today and get to work. If you wait to learn the material until Telsey calls you on Tuesday for a Friday audition appointment, how could you possibly put your best work forward?

Prepare now so when the audition appointment comes on Tuesday, you can breathe easy and say, “I’ll be able to share my best work on Friday because I’ve been working on this material for months.”

Listen, it can be scary to call out what you want.

And why is that?

Because it puts you on the hook for doing the work it takes to actually make the thing you want a reality.

You can visualize, you can use the secret, you can dream, you can attempt to manifest.


You can create, you can build, you can strategize, you can make shit happen.

So, I dare you. Call out what you want. Get specific about it.

Then get to work!