Be audacious.

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In our industry, you must get creative when it comes to pursuing projects that are meaningful to you. The current system is set up with significant obstacles, and obliterating them means taking risks, putting yourself out there, and connecting with like-minded artists.

To do this, you must be audacious.


You must NOT be presumptuous.

Let’s use reaching out for audition opportunities as an example of what I’m talking about.

“I am perfect for this role” is presumptuous. And it requires very little effort on your part.

Unless you have had a conversation with the people on the creative team about their vision, how could you possibly know if you are “perfect” for their production? It is probably more accurate to say that you are inspired, excited, curious, interested, or myriad other words that require emotional labor to articulate. Being presumptuous allows you to hide. Being presumptuous makes you “right” and other people “wrong.” Being presumptuous requires no empathy. Being presumptuous will keep you stuck.

“I know your work. I see what you are doing. It matters. And I’d love to contribute to it” is audacious. To be audacious requires knowledge. It requires courage. It requires empathy. When you commit to being audacious, you must do the work necessary to support your daring leap. You must be willing to be wrong, to hear “no”, to make mistakes, to feel pain, to practice flexibility, to find your resilience, to speak with integrity, to SHOW UP.

So get real with yourself. Are you being presumptuous in your pursuits? Or are you being audacious?

Do the hard work. Show up. Stay generous. Practice empathy.

I know you can do it.

Be audacious.