About JWS

Artists need a safe space to practice their craft.

As an artist myself, I was desperately seeking that kind of space. I mean, this is New York City, the artists’ mecca, the place where the best of the best go to express themselves. But I simply couldn’t find it.  I couldn’t find a safe space to practice my craft.

So I created one.

In 2004, I invited 8 actors to the (now non-existent) Century Center in Union Square and led them through an evening of creative exploration. It was meant to be a way for us all to stay in touch with our process and technique, and I expected that it would continue on as a once-a-week situation.

Well, those actors told their friends, and one class a week became two classes a week. And then the new actors told their friends, and two classes became three. And then four. And on and on.

15 years later, here we are.

Together we have built a thriving community of artists who show up in service of each other. Who demand excellence from themselves and others. Who risk with abandon and discover with delight. Who step forward in courage in order to create work that matters.

And now, it’s your turn. Join us. We welcome you into our safe space to express yourself.  

See you at the Studio.




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